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VEDRA met the Academic and Alternative Medicine at the Balkan Forum "RESCUE"

published on:  17.06.2017

The Balkan Forum "RESCUE" was held at the Marinella Sofia Hotel on 17 June. Vedra International welcomed over 400 leading specialists from various fields of medicine, psychology and pharmacy from Serbia and Bulgaria.

The forum was launched unexpectedly with ... a "sunrise" and the delightful Dance of Flowers performed by children from the Dance School "Finesse". Dr. Edward Bach himself appeared on the stage played by Ivan Grgurovich from Serbia. He presented the system of treatment with floral essences. There was a new surprise for the guests - an unusual presentation of the action of each flower from Dr. Bach's universal combination through the fairy tale of Little Flora's adventures and the Flower Fairy in Bach's garden. The five-year-old Katerina Draganova was the fearless Flora, and in the role of the Fairy – the actress Maria Petkova.

Doctors and psychologists from Serbia and Bulgaria presented various cases with patients experiencing the effect of the universal combination of Dr. Bach. One of the forum's attractions was the presentation by psychologist Dr. Yanakiev about Burn-out Syndrome and the actual measurement of the stress response after receiving RESCUE with Biofeedback technology.

Finally Pambos Agapiou and his dance company Los Pambos Dance Company took care of the good mood and started the dance party.

The Balkan Forum “Theresienoil” with leading specialists from 4 countries took a place in Sofia

published on:  10.06.2017

On June 10, Vedra International initiated and organized a further Balkan Forum related to the Theresienoil product, this time located in Sofia.

Participants in the forum were leading vascular and abdominal surgeons, orthopedists and obstetricians from four Balkan countries - Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania.

They all shared their clinical experience in treating various types of wounds - postoperative, vascular, and others.

Special guests at the event were the owner and keeper of original Theresienoil recipe Theresia Reitsamer, as well as distinguished specialists in the field of naturopathy from Germany and Switzerland.

After the official scientific program, al guestsl enjoyed the performance of the Intro String Quartet and the original samba choreographies of the dancers from the school of Alfredo Torres.

Balkan Forum “Experts of the season” garthered pediatricians and general practitioners from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia

published on:  25.03.2017

The Balkan Forum “Experts of the Season”was held on 25 March in Sofia, where useful information and shared experience from 4 different countries on seasonal issues were presented. Within the event was also presented the specific probiotic combination Omni-Biottic Panda, intended for the prevention of atopic dermatitis and childhood allergic reaction. More over the latest products for throat problems - Isla Junior and Isla Medik Hydro - have been the focus of the event.

Pediatricians and general practitioners from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia shared their experience with the well-known products of Engelhardt - Proppsan, Isla and Nyzita.

The artists from Bulgaria and Romania took care of the fun atmosphere and good mood of all the guests.

Bulgarian celebrities became brand ambassadors of Trachisan

published on:  01.12.2016

Popular Bulgarian personalities from show business and the sports field have become brand ambassadors for Trachisan. The product by the German company Engelhard Arzneimittel has been available in pharmacies on the Bulgarian market for 18 years already. Trachisan is a medicinal product for the topical treatment of inflammation and infection of the mouth and throat, a leader in its segment in Bulgaria. It has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect and quickly relieves pain.

Former rhythmic gymnast and winner of Bulgarian TV show on Nova TV "I can do that" Simona Peicheva, actor Philip Avramov-Fitsata and Cuban choreographer Alfredo Torres recently became the brand ambassadors for Trachisan. Their faces appeared in the TV commerciall for the product during the 2015-2016 winter campaign.

Vedra International teams visited the factory of Hermes Arzneimittel in Bavaria

published on:  09.11.2016

Vedra teams from the four international representative offices of the company - in Sofia, Bucharest, Skopje and Belgrade, spent four inspiring days in Bavaria at the invitation of Hermes Arzneimittel company. Established in 1907 in Munich as a family company, producing tea, Hermes has grown over the years as a modern and fast growing leader and today it produces more than 1 billion effervescent tablets per year. Thanks to high-tech expertise and modern production methods, the company's portfolio includes about 500 different pharmaceutical products and over 800 types of dosage forms.

Vedra employees we introduced to the latest products of Hermes and they had the opportunity to visit the factory in Wolfratshausen town in the Alps. The German company is a manufacturer of high quality 100% absorbable magnesium products in different forms and dosages under the brand of Biolectra.

Each Vedra employee enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Germans. Besides scientific program, the visit combined cultural and recreational activities. The people from Vedra were inspired by the traditions of the Bavarians, seasoned with real German beer and delicious food.

Vedra welcomed 120 Bulgarian doctors to science meeting in Brаshlyan village

published on:  03.10.2016

In early autumn Vedra International welcomed 120 doctors from across Bulgaria in the heart of Strandzha Mountain. As host of "Scientific meeting Prospan in village Brashlyan (Ivy)”, municipality of Malko Tarnovo, the company presented the latest innovations in medical treatment of cough and bronchitis.

Both executives Vedra - Ms. Teodora Petrova and Mr. Dian Dimova greeted guests dressed in traditional costumes from Strandzha region.

The choice of meeting place was not accidental, as the dry extract from the leaves of ivy is used for the symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases and acute inflammation of respiratory tract. The extract is the main ingredient of the product Prospan. Furthermore, the energy and the air in the area around the village Brashlyan (Ivy) favorably influence the treatment of asthma and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

With the permission of the mayor of the municipality of Malko Tarnovo - Mr. Ilian Yanchev picturesque village Ivy was renamed for a day in the village slept. Dress code for all guests of the festival was authentic folkloric clothing. So doctors dressed in costumes from different folklore, sang and danced along with amateur groups from the village and Malko Tarnovo - "Magda Pushkarova", "Filek," "Transfiguration" and "Ivy" under the accompaniment of drums and bagpipes. Special greetings to the guests headed grandmother Siyka, root resident of the village. They were presented different customs of Strandzha.

Apart from being drowned in local folklore and enjoyed the original architecture, the doctors walked along the narrow cobbled streets of the village and tried Strandzha organic dishes.

Bulgarian singer Ivana is a brand ambassador of global cosmetic company AHAVA

published on:  01.08.2016

Bulgarian singer Ivana became a brand ambassador of a Bulgarian advertising campaign of the global beauty brand AHAVA. Ivana is categorical and happily shares that valuable minerals and elements included in the composition of the cosmetic products are a true elixir for the skin. The singer is a Bulgarian ambassador of love from the lowest point on Earth. Each consumer can gave and obtain love by AHAVA, because "ahava" means "love" in Hebrew.

My skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. I get allergic reactions from the most luxurious creams. At the same time I have a constant need for a strong hydration. I got to know the cosmetics with minerals and salts from the Dead Sea several years ago when I was on vacation there. My dermatologist recommended me to try some products. And these cosmetics is an absolute elixir for the skin and most importantly in my case - it does not cause allergic reactions. It keeps the moisture for a long time and in deeply in the skin, and this is the most important condition for the skin to keep its youth and beauty. I read a lot about the products on the internet, and I found that we have them in Bulgaria. I am happy that many people in our country can experience the incredible ingredients from the Dead Sea and will have a chance to achieve a beautiful skin.

Inspired by the unique natural resources and the healing properties of the Dead Sea water, the company has created AHAVA Dead Sea Laboraotries, located on the shores of the salt lake. More than a quarter century its team develops high quality cosmetic products of selected ingredients based on Dead Sea minerals. AHAVA is the only cosmetic company in the world that is licensed to extract mud from the Dead Sea.


Popular ladies from the world fashion scene and show business choose products of AHAVA to restore and maintain a youthful skin. Among them is the actress Kristin Davis, better known by her character Charlotte from "The Sex and the City". The world-famous fashion and beauty editor - Joy Lewis Johnson, whose advice are trusted by Hollywood, also uses the products with minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. And Bulgarian celebrities also rely on the brand in their care of a youthful face and body.

Vedra‘s Health Minutes On Darik Radio

published on:  03.06.2016

Dr. Yulia Atanasova informed listeners of the Niki Kanchev Show about the application of Theresienoil in aesthetic surgery

Vedra, together with leading medical experts, presents on Darik Radio interesting topics and discussions on how to preserve your youth and health. The Vedra health and beauty minutes are broadcasted on the first Thursday of each month on the Niki Kanchev Radio Show, at 16.30 h.

In the first days of June a guest of the popular host Niki Kanchev on Darik Radio was Dr. Yulia Atanasova, Head of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Tokuda Hospital Sofia.

Dr. Atanasova presented clinical cases from her practice, where she applies the herbal product Theresienoil for the speedy recovery of patients in the postoperative period. This all-natural ointment can be used on different body areas after surgical correction in the soft tissues of the face, after lifting and eyelids surgeries. When talking about the eye area, the product can also be used at a later stage for the scarring. The herbal oil can be used in cases of breast lifts and breast reductions to reduce the pain. It accelerates healing, promotes epithelialization and regeneration of the skin, and hydrates tissues. The oil is antiseptic, it improves circulation and enhances microcirculation in tissues. This is precisely why the swelling is reduced and decompression is achieved. The natural ingredients and special essences in the oil stimulate the natural ability of the body to recover and heal. Theresienoil has a strong analgesic and soothing effect after the first application. Improvement usually occurs within 24 to 72 hours.

Listeners can expect more health topics by Vedra on the Niki Kanchev Radio in October 2016!

More about the application of Theresienoil you can learn by following the conversation of Niki Kanchev and Dr. Julia Atansova.

As well on the website of the product:

Alfredo Torres dances with the winner of the Тrachisan facebook game

published on:  10.05.2016

The attractive Cuban dancer and choreographer Alfredo Torres gave personal salsa lessons to Vyara Stefanova, one of the winners of the Trachisan Facebook game.

The Facebook game "Healthy throat with Trahisan" awarded the most original pictures of costumers with the figure of Alfredo Torres. Three participants had the chance to learn Latino dances personally in a private lesson with the hot choreographer. The figure of Alfredo with Trachisan greets visitors in pharmacies in the capital and in the country.

Vedra takes part in the Third National Conference on Innovations in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

The company presents a report on the implementation of theresienoil after mastopexia

published on:  25.04.2016

Vedra International was among the main participants of the Third National Conference on Innovations in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, held from 22 to April 24 in Sofia. The organizer and host of the event was the Bulgarian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (BAPRA), chaired by Prof. Dr. Yuriy Atanasov.

During the forum were presented 50 reports of world medical experts and leading Bulgarian names from the field of plastic surgery – on beauty interventions, reconstructive surgery, burns, and other abnormalities. The focus was not only on dynamic technical innovation, but an emphasis was placed also on the psychological aspects of various practices.

Dr. Yulia Atanasova, Head of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Tokuda Hospital Sofia, informed the academic audience about the application of the herbal oil Theresienoil after mastopexia (breast lifting). As a result of such surgery the patients usually have chest swellings, which lead to stress and discomfort for the patient. If the breasts are treated locally with Theresienoil after removing the bandage, the result is visibly reduced swelling. After 48 hours of administration of Theresienoil, the swellings disappear.

The natural ingredients and special essences in the oil stimulate the natural ability of the body to recover and heal. Theresienoil supports the regeneration of the skin, it hydrates tissues and can act as an antiseptic. The oil has a strong analgesic and soothing effect after the first application.

For more information visit:

Vedra International employees visited AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories on the shore of the Dead Sea

published on:  07.04.2016

Shortly before the Christian world to celebrate Easter the employees of Vedra International visited the Holy Land and spent three mystical days to the footsteps of Christ. The company team walked on holy places for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

A pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre and the Holly land was part of the three-day spring Vedra team building in Israel at the invitation of the global beauty brand AHAVA. The team visited the AHAVA laboratories, located at the lowest point on the planet - on the shores of the Dead Sea. The team met the technology of extraction of minerals and beneficial elements of water and mud. Inspired by the unique natural resources and the healing properties of the waters of the Dead Sea, the company AHAVA creates a completely natural and pure luxury cosmetics. All products combine together science and innovation with miraculous natural resources. Besides the cosmetic world leader another Vedra partner of Israel is company SECURE, manufacturer of the products for women's and men's health - Femarelle and Briz.

During the journey to the Promised Land every employee of the company was named "hajji" and received the chance to taste authentic dishes of Jerusalem. The team vewed the oldest neighborhood of Tel Aviv, city in the past and one of the most important ports of ancient Israel - Jaffa. Any personally try the healing properties of mud and water on the largest natural spa center in the world - the Dead Sea.

Vedra International took a part in Bulgarian TV version of the world-famous reality game show The Apprentice

published on:  24.03.2016

Vedra International was among the first companies that took a part in the first season of the world-famous reality game show "The Celebrity Apprentice" in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian adapted version of the “Celebrity Apprentice" is broadcast on Nova TV with the local host and “boss” of the format – the businessman Stefan Sharlopov. The apprentices of Bulgarian Donald Trump walked into the deep waters of the pharmaceutical business with the challenge to put a product in advertising soap opera with positioning Rescue brand. Both teams (women and men) had to write a screenplay, had to direct and play out on stage in front of an audience a ten-minute scene by all the rules of the soap opera, and the advertiser was Vedra.

The brand manager of Rescue, Petya Boranova, and marketing expert, Meglena Koleva, briefed the case to celebrities with a request to promote the universal flower essences combination Rescue by the original recipe of Dr. Bach. Because of the quality of products that help to quickly and effectively to command of feelings of fear, anxiety and panic attacks, mini performances of both teams had to contain elements of a dramatic situation that the characters to master using the products Rescue.

Not only did the celebrities have to get out of their comfort zone and give their attention to a completely unfamiliar area, but they also had to present the final product of their efforts to their advertiser Vedra, who would be the judge of their scenes.

Ultimately, the women’s team, consisting of Ruth Koleva, Camellia Voche, Petya Buyuklieva, Alex Sarchadzhieva, Albena Vuleva, Martha Vachkova, managed to show clearly the effects of both products - Rescue spray and pastilles. They accurately and adequately recreated the difference between the fast action of the spray and the longer sustained effect of the pastilles. The performance of the women's team was very unobtrusive, but at the same time convincingly presented the application of the product in the management of crisis situations in life – disappointment from love, anger, fear, panic attacks and anxiety.

Balkan Forum Vedra

published on:  14.12.2015

The first Balkan Forum Vedra took place from 19 to 21 November, and it is already on its way to becoming a tradition. Doctors from Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia took part in this first medical forum hosted by Vedra in beautiful Belgrade.

The theme of the conference programme were innovative methods for treatment and new natural products, which improve the quality of life. The highlight of the forum was the female health product Femarelle, which is a new generation therapy for menopause – the product alleviates the symptoms during this period of the woman’s life and has a proven effect on bone health. Esti Grunbaum from Se-cure Pharmaceuticals presented the product benefits and revealed more details about its effectiveness. Dr Amos Ber from Israel shared the results from his clinical experience with Femarelle. The forum programme concluded with a lively discussion and presentation of patient cases, where the product was effective. As the forum host, Vedra International offered each guest the opportunity to become acquainted with Belgrade’s cultural and historical  landmarks, and to get a taste of traditional Serbian dishes.

Vedra International took a part in Sofia Park (ing) Day 2015

published on:  19.09.2015

At the start of the autumn one of the biggest attractions of Sofia Park (ing) Day Sofia 2015 proved Vedra park (ing), in front of Sofia City Art Gallery.

More than 1 000 Sofia citizens went through Rescue No Stress Park (ing), located at the corner of Gen. Joseph V. Gurko Street and Knyaz Alexander I Street, in order to taste the Rescue drops with the universal flower essence combination of Dr. Bach, as well as Rescue pastilles with pleasant fruity taste. Rescue specialists from Vedra informed visitors how to cope with the stress, how to maintain internal peace and emotional balance every single day.

Guests of Rescue Park (ing) also tried the products of Rescue night line, which helps you sleep at night and gives you brilliant concentration during the working day. Diana Milusheva MD, a Bach therapist, also took part in Rescue Park (ing) Day to present in detail the action of the drops on people’s psycho-emotional health.

PARK (ing) Day is a global, annual event, during which citizens, artists, activists, organizations and private businesses are partnering to execute a temporary makeover of outlined parking spaces into public spaces. The project was born in 2005 when American art and design studio Rebar transformed a parking place into a park for several hours.

Outlined parking spaces became objects of artistic experimentation, political and cultural events, and also in the form of spontaneous social interaction, the beginning of a new design for an open, accessible to all, urban environment. In response to this idea, thousands of people around the world, driven by the same basic principles, created hundreds of park (ing) activities that annually become an international event.

For more information:

Vedra met more than 4 000 pharmacists from all over the country

published on:  04.08.2015

This summer Vedra International hosted a series of stylish working events with pharmacists from more than 40 cities in Bulgaria. At the elegant woking dinners Vedra welcomed more than 4 000 partners pharmacists across all over the country and presented them the latest products in its portfolio. The highlights of the presentations of the Vedra brand managers were Rescue products with Dr. Bach’s universal combination of flower essences, the innovative vegan concentrate Regulatpro, the herbal healing oil Theresienoil, weight loss supplement Formoline L112, the high quality comsetics products of AHAVA with natural Dead Sea minerals.

Ms. Teodora Petrova, managing partner and member of the Board of directors of Vedra, personally presented the company's philosophy and its largest investment - its highly qualified staff.

Apart from the formal lecture portion of each meeting, Vedra prepared an entertaining program with top class food, music, and dancing. And the most active on the dance floor competed for a special prize – the Theresienoil bear.

Traditional team building of Vedra International in Italy

published on:  31.07.2015

Vedra’s employees had an exciting four days in the northern Italian Alps in a traditional summer team building. During this magical adventure, the company’s team took part in practical training and interesting games.

Everyone had a chance to explore the history of the medieval town of Bormio, Lombardy, to walk the picturesque mountain trails and to experience the hot natural springs and the wonderful views. The team felt first-hand the healing properties of the thermal springs in the luxury hotel Bagni Nuovi, built in the beginning of the 19th century and boasting over 30 SPA and wellness attractions, including 7 external pools with water from the Alps. The hotel building was a real architectural masterpiece, decorated with frescoes in art nouveau style, and at the front – decorated in a Venetian style.

The stone-paved streets and charming buildings, churches and little restaurants with fantastic local cuisine were admired by everyone. Italian food is definitely a feast for the senses.

The skiers from the team promised to return to this wonderful location in the winter, as Bormio is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Italy, as well as in Europe.

On the way to Milan, while passing through picturesque villages and terraced vineyards, Vedra’s bus was transformed in an improvised mobile TV studio for a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Diana Milusheva, MD, had prepared questions for those who were lucky and brave enough to sit on the contestant’s chair. Everyone had the chance to become rich, having the option to ask for help from a friend or the audience one time. In this way, the trip to Milan became fun, but also educational, and some of the contestants had the chance to increase their shopping budget.

After the romanticism of the Alps, Vedra’s team returned to the era of high technologies, high fashion, and new architecture in Milan. The city, where history and future meet, astounds with attractive modern buildings, chic boutiques, museums, exhibits, palaces and cathedrals.

Winning and exciting its guests, Milan offered numerous interesting views. Vedra’s team walked among the fields of wheat in the center of the city – next to Porta Gharibaldi, where urban and agricultural styles were mixed.

Coming back to Bulgaria, the team participated in a detailed training for one of Vedra’s new lines of products – Omni-Biotic, high-quality probiotics for excellent gut health.

Vedra International presented its products at the “Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days 2015”

published on:  28.06.2015

With four beautifully arranged stands, Vedra International participated in a specialized expo “Bulgarian pharmaceutical days 2015” in June, which took place in the Inter Expo Center in Sofia.

At Vedra’s main exhibition space, everyone had the chance to feel the Italian spirit and authentic atmosphere of Lombardy. The visitors tasted Italian wines and mini pizzas, as well as bruschettas with prosciutto and mozzarella, and, in the meantime, learned more about Engelhard products – Prospan, Trachisan, Isla, Nisita, and losing weight with formoline L112.

At the second Vedra stand, visitors had the chance to try Biolectra Magnesium 240 forte with active magnesium ions. They were able to receive more information about the products with natural honey, propolis, royal jelly, and herbs from the Apimed range, and, of course, to get a Vedra gift bag.

At the Regulatpro and Rescue stand, pharmacists had the opportunity to try the enzyme fragment concentrate Regulatpro, as well Ferrotone, an apple-tasting iron supplement with 100% absorption. The visitors tested the effects of Rescue, the classic combination of Dr. Bach essences, and they received more information about the healing properties of Theresienoil for wounds and burns. In all four Vedra stands, the visitors received gift bags and useful print materials.

One of the biggest attractions at the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days this year was undeniably the AHAVA stand. The enchanting scents of citrus, pink pepper, cactus, and a mix of other captivating gentle smells attracted hundreds of ladies from the visiting pharmacists, who tried various cosmetics products by the brand with minerals, algae extracts, plants and salts from the Dead Sea.

Visit to the Apipharma factory

published on:  04.11.2014

Apipharma, the manufacturer of the product range Apimed with honey, royal jelly, propolis and healing herbs, welcomed Vedra International’s team for a special two-day visit to their factory in Croatia.

The production base in the picturesque town is Nasice is a high-tech facility that follows all best practices in pharmaceutical production. The premises, where the food supplements and medical devices are made, bottled or packaged, are subject to special access control, in order to preserve the purity of healthy natural ingredients. The production methods are galenic or mechanical, thus avoiding chemical treatment. Our partners from Apipharma organized an educational tour of the factory to showcase the quality of the raw materials used and the high standards that are followed in the manufacturing of their products. The company operates under the motto "Ars pharmaceutica mellitus" – the art of producing remedies from honey.

In addition to learning more about the production capacity of Apipharma, Vedra International’s team was involved in an in-depth training about the nine Apimed products that are represented in Bulgaria. The Croatian manufacturer talked about its special methods for monitoring of the natural ingredients in the Apimed line. In addition, Apipharma presented their future plans for development, including the development of a new range of products with other natural ingredients.

All guests were able to do some sightseeing in the picturesque town of Osijek near Apipharma’s factory and enjoy the beautiful views of the river Drava and the central square with the famous red cathedral "St. Peter and Paul."

As always, the team’s mood during the visit in Croatia was excellent. The trip was the first corporate event for several new medical representatives for the regions of Sofia and Plovdiv, who had the opportunity to get to know the team and be welcomed accordingly. Live music, good food and pleasant company contributed to the cheerful atmosphere. Despite the long journey, everyone felt great and enjoyed the hospitality of the Croatian partners.

The visit ended with the wish for future success and a long and fruitful cooperation with Apipharma.

Vedra International’s Participation in the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days Fair

published on:  26.06.2014

With a beautiful futuristic booth and a productive working lunch, Vedra International took part in the most important pharmaceutical event of the year, the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days, held in Plovdiv fair, 6, 21-22 June 2014.

The Vedra team prepared detailed information, lots of surprises and interesting gifts in order to present its unique products to the visitors in an equally unique way.

The Apimed brand by the Croatian company Apipharma was presented with a real beehive decorated with a bouquet of herbs and cute little jars of honey for all. This setup perfectly matched the essence Apimed, due to the fact that its range contains products that are unique combinations of honey, propolis and royal jelly, as well as healing herbs.

Prospan, isla, Nisita and Trachisan, well-known products of the German company Engelhardt that Vedra International exclusively represents on the Bulgarian market, sparked great interest among the participants.

The attention of the master pharmacists in attendance was also captured by the products of the Israeli company Se-cure, Femarelle® and Briz®, which are are safe and effective solutions for the symptoms of menopause and benign prostate hyperplasia respectively. Femarelle® is the only nutritional supplement that is proven to alleviate the symptoms of menopause (hot flushes, headaches, mood swings, sleep disturbances, etc.), while also improving bone health. Femarelle® is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and does not affect the tissues of the breast or uterus. This makes it a safe and effective means of dealing with the symptoms of menopause. Both Femarelle® and Briz® are food supplements based on unique biochemical compounds derived from soybean. Briz® is a product that dramatically changes the quality of life of men over the age of 50, relieving the symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The effect of Femarelle® and Briz® can be felt even after the first month of therapy, making them the most preferred products for women's and men's health among millions of people worldwide.

The focus of Vedra’s booth was the amazing Rescue® Bar, which served a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, garnished with "a drop of serenity," which was in fact a drop of Rescue® Remedy, the most famous combination of 5 flower essences of Dr. Bach to soothe the mind and body.

Additionally, Vedra International invited attending pharmacists to a working lunch, which was held in Maritsa hotel in Plovdiv Ms. Teodora Petrova made a presentation about the company to over 200 pharmacists, and Dr. Diana Milusheva, Dr. Vera Petkova and MPharm Emil Vuchkov followed with presentations and detailed information about the brands which Vedra will represent exclusively in Bulgaria.

A Vedra International team training on the products by Regulatpro

published on:  20.06.2014

The indisputable qualities of the Regulatpro® brand – the only food supplement in the World that contains enzymes, obtained by cascade fermentation – were presented to Vedra team at an official training held on 17th of June 2014. Dr. Claudia Wigiew, one of the most famous naturopaths in whole Europe, introduced the patented cascade fermentationТМ – a dynamic multi-stage fermentation process – to our team. Carefully chosen fresh organic fruits, nuts and vegetables are being naturally degraded by lactic acid bacteria through consecutive fermentation phases in a period of couple of weeks. Prepared this way, the precious protective and vitality-enhancing substances are being assimilated by the organism easily and quickly. The product is offered in two variations – Regulatpro® Bio and Regulatpro® Metabolic.

Vedra International Team Building in Mayrhofen

published on:  13.06.2014

Vedra International’s team discussed its future plans and strategies in the magnificent Austrian countryside during a week-long team building in the famous Austrian resort of Mayrhofen.

Cycling, hiking in the mountain and dinners among lush Austrian meadows complemented engaging product presentations and fruitful meetings with our partners. Among them were Mr. Lucas Malmedy, manager for Northern Europe for the company Nelsons, who shared best practices in positioning and sales maximization for the Rescue Remedy range of products, part of Dr. Bach’s Original Flower Remedies. The therapy with Dr. Bach’s flowers consists of 38 flower essences and is a unique and harmless method to balance one’s emotions and stimulate the immune system. Rescue Remedy, or "Dr. Bach’s 39th flower," is a universal combination of five flower essences suitable for various emergency situations that might arise in our daily lives.

Finally, the team had the pleasure to meet Ms. Teresina Raydzamer, owner and founder of the brand Theresienöl, and learn more about this unique product for the treatment of burns, wounds and skin irritations.

Vedra International participated in the XIV-th National Conference for GPs and pediatricians

published on:  02.06.2014

Vedra International participated in the 14-th annual National Conference for GPs and Pediatricians held on 24-26 May, 2013 in Sunny Beach.

Our team brought to the attention of the conference participants the unique products of the Croatian company Apipharma - Apimed. As a unique combination of healing herbs and bee products (honey, royal jelly and propolis), the Apimed products are efficient but also gentle to the youngest patients, provoking great interest among the attending specialists.

The products of the German company Engelhardt, whose exclusive representative in Bulgaria is Vedra International, were also presented at the event. Prospan, Trachisan, Isla and Nisita have already proven their undeniable quality and effectiveness and enjoy great demand among Bulgarian consumers.

As a memorable token of the event, all participants received a photo with our product mascots, the bee Apimeda and the frog Prospan.

A Vedra International team training on the products by Se-cure.

published on:  29.05.2014

On the 26th and 27th of May the whole Vedra International team had a two-day intensive course on the products Femarelle® and Briz® by the Israeli company Se-cure, held by the owners and chief executives of the company in person – Mrs. Esti Grunbaum and Mr. Ron Gutermann.

A detailed presentation and the discussions after increased the knowledge of the experienced medical and sales representatives in Vedra.

Femarelle® is the only supplement that is proven to relieve the menopause symptoms (hot waves, headache, mood changes, sleeping disorder etc.), as together with that helps bones health. Femarelle® is a Selective Modulator of Estrogen Receptors (SERM) and doesn’t affect the uterus and breasts tissues. This makes it safe and effective remedy to handle the symptoms of menopause. Briz® as well as Femarelle® is a food supplement based on a unique bio-chemical compounds, extracted from soy. Briz® is a product that drastically changes the quality of life of men above 50’s, relieving the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The Femarelle® and Briz® result can be felt after one month intake, which makes them the most preferred products for women and men health amongst millions of people in the world.

More information about the products, their proved and long-term effect, can be found on and as well on their Facebook pages… 

A Vedra International team attending the XVII international marketing seminar

published on:  14.05.2014

From 4th until 10th of May 2014 the XVII international marketing seminar was held by the Engelhart Company. The seminar was attended by Mrs. Teodora Petrova (Managing Partner), Dr. Ivan Ivanov (member of the Board of Directors) and Dr. Vera Petkova (Product Manager).

The event took place in the beautiful and loaded with incredible spirit and atmosphere city of Barcelona, Spain. The event presented 94 partner countries, which offer the products of Engelhart – Prospan, Trachisan, Isla and Nisita. The forum was full with rich information about the marketing activities as well as the clinical studies with the products. Bulgaria was represented properly with the presentation about Prospan – a market leader in R05C (the group of expectorants) for 2013.

The highlight of the program was the presentation of the latest research developments by Prof. Hanns Häberlein from the University of Bonn (discoverer of the mechanism of action of the extract of ivy leaves). Along with the three main effects of the product – secretolytic, bronchospasmolytic and antitussive – the professor presented his latest discovery – the fourth Prospan effect – the anti-inflammatory. On this the Prof. Häberlein will concentrate his efforts during the next year, so that at the XVIII seminar he could present summaries of the product. It is interesting that Prospan is market leader in R05C (the group of expectorants) not only in Bulgaria, but worldwide as well.

Vedra International at the Biofach and Vivaness Exhibitions in Nuremberg

published on:  08.05.2014

In February a team from Vedra International visited the world's leading trade fair for organic products – Biofach and Vivaness, which is especially devoted to natural personal care and cosmetics.

As the motto of Vedra International states, we are devoted to the health of the local population and our aim is to provide on the Bulgarian market the best, most innovative, safest and effective consumer healthcare products. Such products could be found in abundance at the world’s largest fair for organic products – the exhibition site hosted more than 2200 exhibitors from 76 countries from all around the globe.

The team of Vedra International had several productive contacts and meetings at the exhibition and has already signed its first contract for representing exclusively on the Bulgarian market a very innovative organic health-care product – a product that still has no analog on the market in respect to its production method, composition and effect. Expect more information soon!

The Management of Vedra International visited the CPhI in Frankfurt

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published on:  24.10.2013

In late October the management of the company visited the greatest pharma event of the year – the CPhI Worldwide Expo, which was held in Frankfurt between 21st and 23rd of October 2013.

The CPhI is the leading networking event in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. This year’s event in Frankfurt had more than 2000 exhibitors from 140 countries and has more than 30 000 visitors from all around the world.

Vedra International’s team had more than 30 meetings in the three days of the event and we are certain than most of them will continue as successful and stable partnerships with finished dosage producers from all around the world.

Next year’s edition of the expo will be held in France – we are looking forward to meeting new and existing partners there! You can find more information about the event here.